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DNS Service is running
Total Domains Registered: 78
Active Domains Currently: 4
Expired Domains Currently: 74

UPDATE: We set up an automatic session refresher script that keeps your session alive as long as you are on the site. It'll also output logs for you to know when your session is alive and logged in. It will not continue checking if the user is logged off or when logging in we'll have an option to check only once for every page you visit in here.

.wolf can be registered by anyone and can be sold by anyone through the domain marketplace.

You can now visit our proxy page to view all .wolf domains that have not expired.

Note: domain records are updated to the system for every hour. So please have patience when deciding to update or delete records in your domain name.

Registering an account is done through reg.wolf, or sabre.wolf or wolf.mba (HTTPS Version)

To gain access to this tld (Top-Level Domain) you will need to manually set your dns settings to these ip addresses or download P-TLD's tool for automatic process.

Automatic Setup:
- Download P-TLD's Tool
- Open the application with or without admin privilages.
- If you have multiple adapters make sure you choose your ethernet or wireless adapter before continuing.
- Click on Enable and now you can visit reg.wolf and begin registering your domain name.

Manual Setup:
- Follow the video DNS settings tutorial on youtube for a specific operating system you use.
- Then set this ip address as your primary (you may use a secondary if you want).

Please be sure to read the Charter Rules.